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Watch out! he's gonna blow!

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I’ve Known it all along, I’ve tried to hide it, even denied it, but now its out, for the entire world to see. And I dare not argue with myself. So out with the Truth!........I’ve got a paunch now:(((((((….the scourge of every middle aged Indian man , and now this guy’s got it too:( While I must add that The past three days have been the biggest eating binge I’ve ever been through in my entire life, going through banana chips, potato chips, chocolates from chips, a few litres of Fanta, rice, fried rice ….and overall about 1K worth of food for the last three days. In fact, I was temporarily immobilized and slept the entire day before CAT (more on that later!)Now I really have to get some of that old 12th standard self control and rein in that flab:(

19 Responses to “Watch out! he's gonna blow!”

  1. Blogger duttan 

    ROTFL. :-))

    its the junk food man. You should read the disapproval on my face each time you buy a bag of rotten lays or whatever.

    I lost 15 kilos in 6 months.


    By just not dropping into the bakery every evening after college. And also light dinners.

    Your eating cycle is screwed up.

    Eat breakfast.

    Oh. For that you have to wake up early.

    For that u have to sleep way earlier than 3 AM my friend.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    fanta & chips sound yummy!!
    i think coffee & chocolate might be better.(no soda, no oily food) hehe
    btw, great pic of Garfield!!!!!

  3. Blogger Rockus 

    My weight probably triple. Me too had a big eating binge in Calicut. Lots of malabari food and most of it fatty non veg and a couple of kgs of halwa.
    And Garfield...u know who that is ;-)

  4. Anonymous Divya 

    i dont like fanta!:(
    chocolates from chips.....hehe!!
    hibernation for uni.......:)
    have fun studyin then.........dont be like me prtendin to study!*sigh*
    cute cartoon btw......byeeee

  5. Blogger sheetal 

    lolz *slaps mouth shut* i'm not one to be talkin, so no comment. eat some more, at least i'll have company :P

  6. Blogger kickassso 


  7. Blogger Jithu 

    whoz gonna marry u nw :p. btw, tht 1K worth food wud b from someone's money rt?

  8. Blogger kickassso 

    nope.. mine own.. two birthday treats :D

  9. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    i will overtake u soon!

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Beer belly?....The scourge of every middle aged man is right! Will power, pal, will power! :)

  11. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    blog abt the shirt ;-)

  12. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Blogger Invincible 

    Start gym, n stop munching on junk food (which i m not qualified to tell anyway) :)

  14. Blogger Geo 

    beer or chocolate???

    whats it?

  15. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Eating binge you? then think about me man. :D and I aint flabby still.

  16. Blogger Shrutz 


    Eat drink make merry
    For tomorrow we die
    SERIOUSLY.. or at least YOU

  17. Blogger kickassso 

    didnt tht one go

    "eat drink make merry

    for tommorow we diet"


  18. Blogger hope and love 

    u SHOULD do something abt it..
    paunch gives such a negative look..

  19. Blogger Sp^wN_0F_S^T^N 

    Obesity loves company.

    Don't worry, I'm here for ya! (^-_-^)

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