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Judgement Day

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Ever since I had spurned everyone's advice regarding the MS wheel mouse optical,and took a gamble on the iball laser, i had been wanting to see how my gamble paid off!so today, at duttan's place, my humble mouse squared off against two other mice, one twice and another thrice as expensive.thankfully, everyone agreed that mine was definetly better than the MS mouse (thank GOD! my hate for MS knows no bounds)but not quite upto the other mice .the main problem turned out to be the fact that my mouse works upto an inch in the air! most would think of that as a feature! not so in gaming! It prevented the mouse from working well at it's minimum sensitivity settings:( Otherwise all is great!

7 Responses to “Judgement Day”

  1. Blogger korn 


    Hey kickasso....Do you plan to use the mouse for gaming????

  2. Blogger -Poison- 

    haha!!! u gota lift it HIGH up to go back on the pad :P

  3. Blogger kickassso 

    I'm gonna Try gamin with it:D

  4. Blogger Erosimian 

    well. its good. but needs a lot of getting used to.

  5. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 

    is this a tech blog as well ?????????????????????????????

  6. Blogger Li'l Jinx 

    ah...another MS hater. gimme five, pal.

  7. Blogger kickassso 

    @deepa ..naah! but a guy has to be techie Some time:D

    @sheetal..*5 anytime :)

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