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Lasers RULE!!!!!

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It all started after showstopper got himself a logitech MX 518...and SURAJ had an MX 510 all along which Duttan bought when suraj upgraded to a G5 laser, and my mouse meanwhile ,a lowly ball mouse started giving signs that the end was nigh....First of all, it's weapon switch sucked BIG time cos it had a trackball, not a wheel and switching was like playing a jackpot.... You spun the wheel and hoped you got the flak cannon.Tired of getting the same review that my pc was .." great sound ....bad mouse!"i couldnt have a 300 rupee mouse make a 75K system look bad can I? finally i resolved that I , too would get a new mouse, albeit one which i can afford , yet have the same things that its blue blooded brethren have!
the search led me to the I ball laser which despite having the same technology as suraj's *extremely* expensive mouse, is the cheapest of the lot(thanx to logtech, i got it much...much cheaper!)its got a 3 year warranty, hope i can trash it within that time:D

Suraj's Mice..Duttan owns the blue one now!

showstopper's mouse , the 518

MY old mouse!

my new one>:)

11 Responses to “Lasers RULE!!!!!”

  1. Blogger duttan 

    my MX510 was "graced" by an uber gamer for 1 year. and still it performs flawlessly.

    Will ur laser mouse stand the test of time with its cheap icky build?

    poison shall play UT2004 1on1 with me using that mouse.

    Let us see....


  2. Blogger duttan 

    1 thing i forgot. Its absolute value for money.


  3. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    groovy...gota see it!!!

  4. Blogger Hiren 

    Very nice pictures. Technology becomes obsolete so fast it is really difficult to keep pace. One almost feels that one had the work and applications to keep abreast with technology.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    sooo envy!! i want that laser one too(^o^);; how much is 300 rupee in US$??

  6. Blogger duttan 

    @niki, 8 US$

  7. Blogger kickassso 

    hey! my OLD mouse cost 300 rupees ! the new one is 875 (about thrice) compared to my old one! also there are better laser mice, like the logitech G5, the silver mouse in the first picture:)

  8. Blogger ?bLeAk?!! 

    Hah. My mouse is even cheaper, but goes well with my cheaper system and my bloody bad play in both CS and UT. Might need to finally change it cos the left click aint working no more...!!

  9. Anonymous Adarsh 

    g5 is a good mouse but its looks suxx.looks like old one.If u are going for a new gaming mouse..go for the mx 518, g7.If you are going for a gaming keyboard...then the best choice is none other than the logitech g15.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    oh thank u duttan!!
    so 875 rupees... 2660 yen? wow~ thats expensive(^o^);; lucky u!!

  11. Blogger kickassso 

    duttans twice as much for his mouse...and he bought it second hand! suraj's laser mouse costs waaay more than mine!

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