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Finally, with the series over and the sems well out of the way. It’s time for some well deserved R&R .Some free time minus family at home meant only one thing!
I pushed my amp and speakers to their max…today and yesterday. And I did learn a lot about audio amplifier behavior(written more about it here). Heck…I pushed it till the LED’s on it which had lain dormant on them started to light up! All that electricity was blown up as mostly Linkin Park reanimation, with a fair sprinkling of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I usually don’t listen to these …but these did seem like the ideal tracks to torture test an audio rig, and torture test it was indeed! Heck... At least I heard rock in a totally different way! Meanwhile my steady diet of classical and country music (read audiophile music) continues unabated with this week going to IL DIVO and Emmylou Harris

IL DIVO is the brainchild of Simon Cowell...the nice guy from “American Idol” and they really are quite different from anything I’ve heard commercially. Josh Groban seems to be the nearest approximation…but these guys are really different! To get an idea of how they sound like , Think of an opera singer boy band. Backstreet + Bochelli. Interestingly, the mix works quite well. Emmylou Harris is just plain country, and I just got a 2 CD anthology of her …Its quite nice actually, reminiscent of Dolly Parton style country, but with a sharper voice...

Im still looking for a good mouse , a five button and/or high precision optical mouse for about 700...Im still looking:(

6 Responses to “more moosic!”

  1. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    pavarotti juniors...

  2. Blogger duttan 


    u should have called me when u were pushing it to the max. >:P

    anywayz, nice to know that u enjoyed Rob Zombie and Marylin Manson. :-)

  3. Blogger kickassso 

    u were , unfortunately busy on both occasions!
    the first time , you were writing yer fuzzy logic series
    the second time , ye were 'down with the sickness':P

  4. Blogger Geo 

    Poor neighbours :_D

  5. Anonymous divya 

    poor neighbours!:P(i know i know repeat.but realy cant come iwth anythin else!:-D)!
    n Josh Groban has a voice that can be called divine!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    geee.. i dont know any musician written here(^o^);;
    Marilyn Manson?? is that a daughter of Charles Manson?? haha~
    be nice to ur eardrums!!

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