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Ashok Had tagged me to do this And since I have nothing better to do, Here goes:D
Seven Things I Plan to do before I die
Make my miniproject into a full fledged system
Buy/make the most insanely loud music system there is
Read, Comprehend, and make an informed comment in Frantic's blog
Get out of my house
Be insanely rich
Mod my dad’s old Panasonic Hi Fi and make it into a miniature MC PC
Take a look around , Stick my tongue out and say “In your face!...I’ve Lived longer than Y’all”
Seven Things I can do
Say the Darndest PJ’s
Stink Up the house
Be completely oblivious while I make an ass out of myself
Listen to music at insane levels
Listen endlessly To JIM REEVES (without falling asleep too!)
Blab on an on about the insane stuff I do
Wear Bermuda shorts in public

Stuff I can’t
Learn History (or by heart anything else for that matter)>:P
DRINK! (Or smoke for that matter)(I’ve got other addictions:D)
Listen to music too quietly or with too little fidelity
Get a pass in an odd semester
Understand particle Physics OR shrinks
Insult People (I’d rather be discreet about it)
Fake Stupidity (I’m a natural at that, It seems!)

Cliché Dialogues
Aliya/Machu/Other local male salutations
Check out 10’o clock!!!!(Wink wink)
Pinne(!/?/as appropriate)

Things in the other sex which draw me in.
The Eyes
A sense of (appreciation of) humor
Similar taste in music!
A certain joie de vivre
The Name

Female celebrities who I DROOL @
Zeenat Aman
Norah Jones
Charlotte Church
Catherine Zeta Jones
Antara Malli
Neve Campbell
Shania Twain

16 Responses to “TAGS!”

  1. Blogger Jithu 

    a girl with a 'similar' taste in music?? hmm.. :-)

  2. Blogger kickassso 

    Yep...When I eat/sleep/drink music, having someone to do it with is always nice!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    ewww?? Listen to music at insane levels..!? (^o^);;; hope u will not break ur eardrums!! dad will be shocked to see the miniature MC PC. naughty boy! hahaha~
    wat kind of language ru gonna study??

  4. Anonymous divya 

    antara mali??!!.....

  5. Blogger kickassso 

    *BIG GRIN*
    before you say anything, I saw her in "mein madhuri dixit banna chahta hoon"
    I didnt know it was her in Road, it was only in gayab that i noticed it was her:D

  6. Anonymous divya 

    i didnt say anything.i just went "antara mali??"...:P.....well be glad u havent heard her speak.....i mean other than wats written for her!!:)

  7. Blogger kickassso 

    I was fresh out of a similar battle with my sis for putting her name on the list. What do you people have against her:-?

  8. Blogger duttan 

    yeah. whats so "kalip" about antara mali? :-?

  9. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    " Take a look around , Stick my tongue out and say “In your face!...I’ve Lived longer than Y’all” " -- when u join me in the afterlife (ie. if there is one ) i will probably stick my tongue out n say "what took y'all so long, homie" ;-)

  10. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    btw i think tht if i had made this list for u ; it wud be very eerily similar >:) some people say that you should be afraid of the people who know you best...be afraid..be very afraid....booo!

  11. Anonymous chips 

    nice choice of women, my friend. i'mprobably the one female around who actually likes antara mali, i think. but probably for very different reasons..;-)

  12. Anonymous chips 

    ok..that last comment is supposed to mean that i like her for her acting capabilities. just thought i'd make that clear!! :-)

  13. Blogger silverine 

    Hey me too love Jim Reeves, an all time fav of mine. and I couldn't learn History either :( though I find it very interesting now and borrow my cousins school History Book and devour the chapters. Guess the fact that I dont have to study for exams does the trick :)

    This was a neat list.

  14. Blogger Aravind.V 

    "Make my miniproject into a full fledged system"
    You can bet We will surely complete it. Maybe even start a product line after our names. How does it sound.

    "Understand particle Physics OR shrinks"
    I could help a lil'.
    Btw where is that part about me you told you were writing. :D

  15. Blogger kickassso 

    Oh i forgot:D
    honest i didnt change it after reading urs:P

  16. Blogger kickassso 

    @ niki...me decided not to study a language after all:)
    i did try italian:D (dad knows a bit)...but gave up.HEck i dont know to write in malayalam:D

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