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He wandered in the darkness , lost, seeking the unseen.

Then he found it.

It overwhelmed him,drew him in, the light;
the source, he sought her,the warmth it brought,

He tried..............He lost.

Free, knowing no man, she was never to be his.

He felt the sweet release of darkness bearing down again.

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  1. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    55 words :-)
    i told u what this reminds me of ;)

  2. Anonymous divya 

    hmm...one more 55 word story......nice one!!

  3. Blogger Jithu 

    van sahityam aanallo.. :-)

  4. Blogger DENIMINOO 

    Same feeling 4 someone was HERE but lost it SOMEWHERE in time
    and don't feel sorry now

  5. Blogger kickassso 

    i KNOW EXACTLY dude!

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