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I have always thought that choosing a career path would be a piece of cake. till today i had thought that my place would be in infosys. Today i learnt that This company is hiring. I had seen its ads last year and as i didnt see any this year , thought that they had finished recruiting.Now it seems that i may have a chance after all .I do not claim that i will get in.. but i feel there may be a chance. I really have to think about it. People might think i am mad to think of leaving a 16~18k job for a 13~16k job. but i feel that it is the better job. just knowing that what i am doing is right makes me feel better. but is it right i do not know

9 Responses to “JOB CROSSROADS”

  1. Blogger Jithu 

    all the best man!

  2. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    cool...its been removed by the blog administrator :p

  4. Blogger Mridula 

    Different people need different things from their jobs, some only money and some balance other aspects like traveling time, challenge of the task or not changing a location (can you see the teacher speaking?). I think knowing what you want is important.

  5. Blogger kickassso 

    Yes . I really am stuck now having to choose between money and happiness. I never thought that it wouldcome to this.

  6. Blogger lost optimist..^!^ 

    hey..inDSP gona give 20k to the kids they took frm our college..

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i wud rather take watever job which looks fun to me. money is not important but it should build good careers! then, marriage and happiness will follow later...
    i wish u good luck!!!

  8. Blogger kickassso 

    @ magneta...yeah your CGPU sir's attempts on behalf of the students led to tht ..wonder if it will apply to me:(

  9. Blogger kickassso 

    @ niki...Thanx...Hope so...I havent gotten selected yet...but here's to hoping tht I do:)

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