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You are a Ninja.
You are like a samurai gone bad. The good side
is no longer interesting you and feel that
darkness is where you belong. Though you may
think you are the evil one, you're not. Because
deep inside there is still that little glimpse
of who you once were. You don't like to
associate with people that much and keep away.
In your mind they are ignorant and not so
interesting anyway. That means you are a lonley
person who don't trust people, and you have
really no desire to do so either. Life is a big
pain and annoyance for you and you aren't quite
sure on how to handle it. Other people see you
as mysterious and secretive, and that is
probably right.

Main weapon: Daggers and throwing
Quote: "I hate people. People make
me pro-nuclear" -Margaret Smith
Facial expression: Frown

This is it!!!! the last time I will probably take an online quiz. I keep getting stuck with female characters....The last time it was trinity in the quiz which character from the matrix are you. And now this . They have gotten the content sorta ok..but jeeez look at the pic.I did try once more and came up with revenge killer...but i guess like with psychometry, the first one is the right one

7 Responses to “THAT IS IT!!!!”

  1. Blogger kickassso 

    Apparently the pic aint showing...I wonder if the problem is with my browser....
    But then again...I aint complainin'

  2. Blogger Fly 

    pic is showin...........DUDE!! wow and when i say showin i really mean it!!

  3. Blogger Shrutz 

    I didn't know I had to sign an agreement to read your blog....

  4. Blogger kickassso 

    I bet you dint read the fine print..>:)

  5. Blogger kickassso 

    @ fly...hell at least im a ninja ... not some anime Amazon

  6. Blogger Manjusha 

    Maybe you just have a really strong feminine side!

    Now now, before you unleash your ninja warriors at me - I WAS JUST KIDDING, Kickassso San.

  7. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    hehe... i am an assassin, and of course definitely male ;)

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