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“Quotable quotes [May] had Ellen Degeneres saying “we use 10% of our brains, Imagine how much we could accomplish if we used the other 60%.”These figures don’t add up to 100 %.Either the first figure should be 40% or the second one 90 %.”

This is a letter that was published in this months readers digest. Apparently the reader who sent this in didn’t get the gist of what was being said. Sometimes we all do. EVEN I have (top ten insults for physicists….no6. Yo momma's so fat she contradicts a heliocentric solar system. .but this one I had to get frantic’s help in figuring that one out.)But in my life as a semi professional raconteur I have come across my own share of people who can well…. , be the classic light bulbs. Remember the joke in which the crazy guy threatens a group of people with an AIDS stained pin….all the people give into his demands except a sardar. He gets pricked before the loon makes off. Asked why he took a threat like this, the sardar smugly replies….” I am wearing a condom!!!!!!” No, the sardar is not the butt of this post. Most people would have groaned and went their way. No…not our hero. (Yes finally our hero makes his entrance. No, I don’t think u people know him). He uses his brain (!).And asks me…”How can THAT be???? He didn’t poke him…ummmm….you know…THERE!!!! What COULD I reply to that. What would you?

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