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I must be getting absent minded

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DAMN! I forgot to post this one!
Excess studying(!) and information overload has started to make my head resemble my HDD more and more . For those technophobes, that means I'm losin' my memory. Seriously.I got home one day with a feeling that I was missing something. Turned out , I t was my sister who I was supposed to have picked up from tution.MAN! talk about forgetting! pens, books,... umbrellas even ! okay .But your own sister!!!!!! Another day I walked home in the drenching rain.when I got home, there was an umbrella in my bag which one of my friends had given me earlier. And then last weekI forgot that the first exam was in the morning... If _>DUTTAN<- hadnt called I would have missed out on that.Further ,in one exam. I submitted my answer paper without writing my name in it.
I think this is getting out of hand.Hope I wont walk out one day without my underpants...Or even worse...my pants.

3 Responses to “I must be getting absent minded”

  1. Blogger duttan 


  2. Anonymous ashok 

    u r in the beginning stage of advanced amnesia...like me

  3. Blogger Suman 

    You are not like this

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