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Feel the force weakening! Must get loud music!

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Aargh...While most are complaining about too much sound ,here's someone who is being denied his share of ear splitting music! No, this does not involve crude public adress systems assaulting the senses! This is one finely built Neighbour killing machine which is sadly performing vastly under its rated 5 kw output:D.If I were to nudge it slightly towards its sweet spot...I would hear a wail from below...Damn hypersensitive younger sisters! if only we could geta law passing younger siblings from being so annoying *sigh* the world would have been such a better place!

Meanwhile I try to find a way to bypass the problem..a cascade of late night mode filters,loudness filters, DSP's ...nothing seems to work! "..........What do you mean,minimum volume???,I can barely hear you!NOW SHUT THAT 'THING' OFF BEFORE I TOSS IT DOWN PERSONALLY!SURELY SOME DAY I'M GONNA..."(Dad of Auster...in one of his better moods:)

I pray that day won't come to pass when me and my system will be parted:((.But for now I'll have to join the ranks of the lesser Mortals and listen to Linkin park rant like they were whispering!!! Thankfully I still have my dual vibrator headphones, my only consolation. Now to find a neck that can support those divine sounding monstrosities all night!

4 Responses to “Feel the force weakening! Must get loud music!”

  1. Blogger acid_ice 

    Dude..ever seen Micheal Jackson's video "Black or White"??!...I'd recommend you see it ASAP..:D

  2. Blogger duttan 

    well. i finished the last few levels of doom3 (11 hours straight) with those "vibrating monstrosities" on my head........

  3. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Auster spare A thought for me. I cant even here them whisper and I dont have those headphones.

  4. Blogger Shrutz 

    :D "My neck better than your neck!!"
    Boys will be boyws, eh?
    Happy to say, silence reigns! Welcome to the land of blogdicts, Horseter!

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