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Blah Blah....

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Great victory ! Joy and celebration...Then the ultimate defeat..another victory...more mundane stuff and a good ending! NO! This is not some lame movie plot! This is my today in a nutshell. My first blog got great*yaaay!*reviews. That being the joy part .Now to the ultimate defeat- Got thrashed by ->DUTTAN<- in UT 30 to 1 and (ohhh the shame!!!) 30 to -2:(( It was horrible ! The only consolation was that neither he nor I were playing seriously...He just wanted to kill time (and ended up killing a lot more in the bargain!)And I...just wanted to have a round with the champ (He and I usually occupy complementary time slots...so we don't meet on the net a lot...) He says that in Me Tech.... There is a technical term for what happened! Heh heh (No ! I dont want to say it..if you want to find out...ask any regular there! But you sure ain't gettin it from my mouth!)Then after a dose of scarce sleep, Went to college where the mini project labs were in order.Thankfully got our piece of innovation to work ( Innovation, that's what worries us ! When you try to do something yourself the whole world is on your shoulders! I am only one electronics student . There is only so much I can do! If only my fellow three Engineers were there(we were missing one...Oh D'Aravind....oh D'Aravind...Where art thou...?) Then onto two tech support calls, one for a friend Who wanted me to fix one of my products ".....If only I'd known you would screw me like this.I'd never have spent so much money on it!!!" But for his friends..Auster's stuff is guaranteed lifetime!Is that ok guys?heh heh!Now for the second one...It was more of a help out...Can you believe the lame stuff they Put on motherboards these days..Now he too is enjoying the divine music albeit at a lesser scale!>:)

6 Responses to “Blah Blah....”

  1. Blogger duttan 

    I pounded this ranting dude into pulp in UT that day.

    Well. He's such a neat guy. He wont say the "technical term" which Meetech gamers use when a n00b gets mauled miserably by an experienced gamer.

    Well. I am ready to say it, but before that I need the permission of this ranting dude :-)

    Shall i? >:)

  2. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Dude sorry about wednesday. Got stuck in some serious issue. By the by We are in this together.
    I know we can do this one way or the other. That is why, hehe, I am not bothered as much as you are.

    Ask duttan to play CS. It is more realistic and you can be sure that he wont pound you to pulp like in UT.
    UT sTUpid. Dont you see. It is in the name.

  3. Blogger kickassso 

    Yes you may...But not in here!
    Those interested can go ask him @ duttan.rediffblogs.com

  4. Blogger acid_ice 

    Hmm...duttan,there was once a time when u were a noob at UT...:D..never forget ur roots...:P
    @kickassso...Dude,u can always improve,n yeah,playin CS with duttan is always a viable option..:)
    @aravind...UT,n stupid???...gosh man,tht's blasphemy to a gamer....:-O..UT n CS r not comparable,no way..u need different styles,n attitudes for either;and to choose between them is an impossible task.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Entammoo! Sammathichu!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Entammoooo! Sammathichu!

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