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We went , We SAW!!!!!...and We came back

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Finally a day worth blogging about...MBT crossroads...a last ditch effort by us to forget about our impending doom in series tests..However it ended up rather reinforcing the theme bcoz of the frequent supply's:D
no output...:(..waaaaaaaaah!
but the first thing we noticed in mbt was...hmmm *ahem*
think our vernacular will do a better job
mar baseliosil
charakkukal nira nirayaayi vannallo
vaayunokkan...lorry kanakkinu charakkukal!!
any approvals from those who were thr??(anyone?)

Anyway...had enough of that....but hehe ...lost royally in EVERYTHING! Me and MJ were the official sct tele team.. we *ahem* participated in a lot of stuff..apparenly manu won third in debate...funny thing is only his dad knows that...top secret..even the organisers dont kno tht..dont tell anybody tht ok..But met a lot of pepl... I didn't know I knew so many ;-)we wrapped up with the la persona finals where despite me knowing 5/6 finalists only one won:(..but the high point of all related to an incident involving a vegetable known as padavalangaa:))...also met a looong lost frnd from lmc . only one more long lost frnd left,Mahesh varma...doin civil in nss or sn clg...hmmm if anyone knows him...let me kno...first year in sct togethr..

5 Responses to “We went , We SAW!!!!!...and We came back”

  1. Blogger acid_ice 

    Ha,abt the sries part...no wayyy,even all those "lori kanakkinu" wasnt enough to drive my mind away..:(.
    N thn,particpation is more important than winning,dude...always remember tht..(sniff!!,my poor 150 bucks)..and y did u forget ur prize 4 Quiz?...how could you????
    ..:D..the partcipation certificates went a long way in appeasing my dad,and the story of the 3rd place convinced him I wasnt "birdwatching" from 8:30am to 10:00pm.
    ...padavalanga...:)..:D..definitely the high-point of the day...

  2. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Hmm dudes. I think I had a better time there.
    Except for their Canteen. Well Whew what a canteen. Even our college canteen is much much better than this.
    Meaning there is no where near to get a bite in that college. It really suxx. We had to go out and eat.
    Oh by the way i dont think We also won anything. I think this is getting into a habit.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    just checkin.. if u c this , anonymous posts can b made

  4. Blogger Shrutz 

    I object.... strenuously :((

  5. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Objection Overruled.
    Prosecution Continue.

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