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This was going to be a rant about my parents.........

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.........but my sis found out and threatened to squeal>:P
Anyone who feels my sis violated my fundamental freedoms feel free to comment about it here!
In other news... me and ->Duttan<- almost got run over by a ghost bus.... NO!...It wasn't a translucent ancient bus with a truckload of souls wailing wooo hooo(ulp!) This was an ordinary KSRTC type...the one you and me travel in....We were going to his house when the bus we were going in was passing the vikas bhavan depot when ...What do we percieve....A bus exiting the depot onto the road into front of us...The driver pulled a Hard stop...(our driver silly!!) but the other bus dint stop...no It went onto hit the wall opposite before it stopped The driver of our bus got down to see if the other driver was ok ( and Give him a piece of his mind I guess when....:-o...NO DRIVER!!!!! That beast had somehow gotten out of the garage on its own power and gotten onto the road...Thanfully we escaped by the skin of our teeth! Duttans survival instinct..(which keeps him alive in several UT matches ) must be responsible! I was left with a nagging doubt that if it had been me alone somehow you may not have been reading this blog:( so next time you see a fast empty bus....*eery silence* ...see if it has a driver!!!

3 Responses to “This was going to be a rant about my parents.........”

  1. Blogger duttan 

    heh heh. i did a jump dodge like I usually do in UT. But this time, I also carried u along with m. :-D

  2. Anonymous ashok 

    that bus shud hav helped humanity as a whole had it mowed ya down....it didnt cos duttan desrves better...

  3. Anonymous ashok 

    update ur goddam blog

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