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Rain and the art of Auto rickshaw maintenance

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Tuesday being my seminar I had gotten around to a friends house to borrow his creative 4.1 speakers for my seminar. The job which I had assumed to be only a few minutes job got compounded due to the appearance of a few dignitaries. The net result being me getting to my friends house in Pettah.

The journey itself was quite boring involving only A flat in the bus I was going in and a LIFT in an auto rickshaw (full credit to duttan) only when we got out of his house when we spotted a full complement of policemen and pouring rain. DUTTANS attempts to capture an auto were rather becoming exhausting after all the autos which stopped were shouted off by the policemen. Finally, I got one and set off. For a journey which shouldn’t have lasted longer than a few minutes got extraordinarily complicated by an idiot who sped by the auto soaking me, the driver, and flooded out his engines. That man tried in vain by trying to dry his air filter. No help giving up, he hailed another auto and I was on my way.

Alas, my misfortune with vehicles wasn’t over yet. This one also ground to a halt soon and this man gave up easily. He simply got out and said that’s it. On to the next auto. This guy was quite older and listened to my tales of the two earlier ones laughing away at those idiots who couldn’t do anything. His own knowledge was soon put to the test when HIS machine also stalled. I volunteered to help so as to make my journey faster. He headed first for the culprit which he had been saying had claimed everyone else, a wet sparkplug. Our hero apparently carried one. And the offending part was duly replaced. Only it didn’t start. He was getting rather impatient as was I then he took something else off and started wiping it squeaky clean then he tried again Oh joy! The damn thing started, only to die away soon. With an all knowing look on his face, he was heard working on the air filter. Soon we were up and running and on our way to east fort. Only god would have known that the bus would delay me further. Yet I finally got home 3 hours later than schedule.


# Some auto drivers are positive geniuses they may be evil geniuses, but geniuses nevertheless..

# All dignitaries ought to be jailed in Delhi. The scum of the earth should not come into contact with the earth itself # KEEP YOUR ****ing Mouth shut !

8 Responses to “Rain and the art of Auto rickshaw maintenance”

  1. Anonymous poison84 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Blogger >|' ; '| 


    our idyllic lives are made topsy turvy by honchos who drop in for visitin...

    how was your seminar?

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  4. Blogger duttan 

    hmm. who posted the first comment? :-?

  5. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    umm... i did. long story.

  6. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Yen and Art of Car maintanence. Why Because you need to pay yen to maintain Maruti's :D.

    Yes Auto guys are genius's so much so that you need to become one to live with them. :>

  7. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 


    get a roaring bike .... u can slap them back .. each n every one of them ...

  8. Anonymous chips 

    oh brilliant...another one bows down to the invincible autodriver..... cool story :-)

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