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check out the view from my room

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10 Responses to “check out the view from my room”

  1. Blogger Invincible 

    wow !! How i wish i want to visit Kerala.

  2. Anonymous divya 

    nice!! my window opens out to the 3 feet space to the wall!!*sigh*

  3. Blogger Geo 

    "NaalikErathinTe naaTTilenikkoru naazhiyiTangazhi mannunTu...

    Athil naaraayanakkili kooTupOluLLoru naalukaalOlappurayunTu...."

  4. Blogger duttan 

    natural settings :)

    I also have such a view, but it will be obscured by a building in the next few years. :(

  5. Blogger duttan 

    PS : dont people get bored seeing all these trees?

  6. Blogger Jithu 

    ee forest motham kaadanallo!! ;-)

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    wat a beautiful view and how lucky u are!!!!(*o*) ru squirrel?? lol
    thank u very much for the pic!!

  8. Blogger hope and love 

    thats a typical view in kerala.. but its so beautiful.. reminded me of the things i take for granted..

  9. Blogger kickassso 

    yep! i love looking at it all day!

  10. Blogger kickassso 

    well a view like this IS hard to get!
    i had to fight for this room.though coconut trees are a plenty, an ubnobstructed view like this IS very hard to get! one of the problems is the fact that i have to walk half an hour to get to the nearest bus stop

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