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20 things!

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20) Firstly and most obviously, I listen to a lot of music all the time and very loudly! My selection of music involves everything from Ludacris to frank Sinatra.I especially love JIM REEVES. If you want to know more about what I listen to, seethis

19) Unlike a lot of people, I study engineering, especially my branch, electronics, for the love of it. This does not make me forbiddingly geeky though, since I’ve garnered my fair share of bad papers, and still have one now

18)I am very picky about what I eat! Fish is a definite no-no! In fact, you can chase me with a fishbone! I also try to avoid meat as much as possible, especially beef. I LOVE cheese and paneer! And love to experiment with foods. I actually have my three bottles of sauce, (green, red chili +Soya) which no one else in my family is allowed to touch :D

17)I love all my creations, from the lowly LED flasher’s to my best(yet) masterpiece, the om hreem volume control equally .In fact , every time I finish one , I feel like shouting out “at last, at last, my greatest creation is completed” dexter boy genius style!

16) I love to tweak my PC to perfection. Every little setting has been lovingly nudged so as to work the best. Ooh I love my pc!

15)I love to take stuff apart…every thing my parents bought me, and which I could take apart, I have .Somehow, seeing something’s inside somehow satisfies the curiosity that comes up each time I lay my hands on something

14) I used to be hyperactive as a kid, but now I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! I surprise myself waking up at the oddest places around the house. Heck, I’ve even slept at college and tuition classes while I was sitting in the front bench (yeah I love to live on the wild side) hehe

13) I have a serious language disability... My parents banned everything Malayalam from my house when I was a kid. So other than being able to speak Malayalam fluently, I can’t write any of it and can read only a bit. I tried to make up for that by trying to learn Hindi… but that bombed grandly too. I actually wanted to learn French, but the CISCE wanted a passport and stuff which I dint have. I didn’t know we were second class citizens!

12) I have officially no existence! When I moved from my old house to this one, we got stuck between two censuses! So I have no ID card, ration card, and I don’t have a driving license. All that proves I exist is my birth certificate

11) I am a champion shopper! In fact, I’ve out shopped the champion shopper race(girls ) many times over and over again during our many IV’s I’m just too choosy when It comes to buying stuff and I tend to drag my feet!

10)I have a knack for coming up with and telling the most inane jokes…called ‘chalus’ in Malayalam. Anyone from sarvodaya will happily support me!
For example,
Three electrons were coming back from pondy to Tamil nadu when at the border; one electron was detained at the border by the police .Why?

A: Pauli’s Exclusion principle (only two electrons may occupy a single state at any given time) Geeky humor aint it?
For quite a while I carried out this sort of thing on anyone and everyone ….until College. A few death threats were enough to make me turn normal!

9) I think I’m too fat! (Don’t we all!)

8) When I got into college, I didn’t know what fear of rejection was. Let’s just say that I do very, VERY well what it means now!

7) I usually try to be nice to everyone and try to get along with everyone. I usually don’t get angry, except on rare occasions, like once when I walked home without an umbrella in the pouring rain (it takes half an hour from the bus stop to my house, and it took longer because it was raining)

6) I have a younger sister who drives me to wit’s end effortlessly. I try to avoid confrontations, and end up losing all the time to her (GRRRR!)

5) For some apparent reason, I understand stuff that’s taught, but can’t write a single exam well! I wonder if it’s some sort of disability, because I nail every practical session and a guy can’t ace a practical if he doesn’t know the theory right. I really think I have a learning disability, because teachers form KG to college has said the same thing.

4) I have no idea about my future. Once upon a time; I was sure I wanted to go for an MBA and had no idea what to do in the next five years. Now I know what to do in the next few years, but don’t know if I should go for an MBA or not. It’s like Life’s a journey, and I know only the path

3) I’ve got this knack for writing objective type questions. I once wrote the biology part of a scholarship exam when I hadn’t touched bio for two years .It was almost 100% guess work. And yet I got AIR 25 (no, it wasn’t an exam for 26 people !)

2) I used to be the extroverted meet-everyone-and-generally-have-fun kind of guy when I got into college. Now I feel like an old soul trapped in a young body, watching the frivolous and silly nature of my fellows. Maybe #8 has something to do with this

1) I absolutely think my friends are the reason for my existence in this world at all!
Here’s to you guys :)

11 Responses to “20 things!”

  1. Blogger duttan 

    nice post.

    but havent u been a bit too revealing?


  2. Anonymous chips 

    Why, why, WHY did ur parents ban everything Malayalam from your house?

    Lol..I remember once u hit me with 4 or 5 of those chalus all at once....and I was taken totally unawares...It took me a while to deal with the repercussions. :-))

    Aaah...if Only I had ur talents in the objective test department!! Would save me from a lot of unnecessary worrying.

    And let me repeat Duttan's qn...dya think u've revealed too much??? :-)))

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    oh thank u for revealing all(^o^);;

    >surprise myself waking up at the oddest places around the house.

    where did u sleep?? haha~
    Do not sleep in the front bench...lol

  4. Blogger hope and love 

    nice read..
    txs for being so frank..

  5. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Well dude I would like to make some information public about you too. Especially for your mom and dad.

    IF you want to wake your son just use the passwords. Blogs, Morning Tea , QCD etc. These are patented technologies by me and my friend on our endevour to wake this guy during our project work days.

    Btw I dont think you revealed dat much.

  6. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    :-) u took me on a trip back the memory lane..

  7. Anonymous divya 

    interestin list......pretty personal......
    but i think no. 1 was majorly sweet.....:-)

  8. Blogger sheetal 

    sweet, that is! :)

  9. Blogger susubala 

    All gud stuff. Nice to know the facts abt u...

  10. Blogger silverine 

    This is so well written. Wow!

  11. Blogger kickassso 

    thanx You all!
    I was actually thinking of expanding it a bit :D

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