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Good Sound Comes To trivandrum!

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Finally, a hi fi showroom worth Its salt in trivandrum.This is the stuff my dreams are made of!.Trivandrum is indeed growing up!Check it out people,HiFiDemoroom*DROOOL*

For those Of you who came in late, I think of myself as an authority in these things!Check out my views on Hi Fi

12 Responses to “Good Sound Comes To trivandrum!”

  1. Blogger Geo 

    no comments :_)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    boy! nice showroom!!(^o^);;

  3. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 

    Just read the 20 things abt u ....

    i know abt the rejection syndrome u face here.

    y was malayalam banned ?

    shopping huh ???? well , u cant out-shop my friend .. she goes on for ages.

    do u know what a lizard's insides look like ?

  4. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 

    pls resist from tech blogs

  5. Blogger kickassso 

    :P:P:P i will post as many tech blogs as i want here:D
    but i try to post em elsewhere :D
    Hmmm i havent seen a lizard's Insides.. at least not a live one's !

  6. Blogger duttan 

    @deepa, why do u hate tech? it gives u nightmares or something?

  7. Blogger anumita 

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, fellow scorp!!!

  8. Blogger sheetal 

    oh yeah, mr.scorp...happy birthday (whenever it was/is)!!!

  9. Blogger Invincible 

    Yours was on 19th, Many happy belated returns dude.

    I liked the hifidemoroom.

  10. Blogger duttan 

    hmm. no answer to my question yet.

  11. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    @ auster - when u see a big bag of lays think of mike myers as f*t b****rd in austin powers :) (diet tip O:-

  12. Blogger duttan 


    n1 poison...

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