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A Trip to the zoo

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The reptile house
Originally uploaded by kickassso.

A bunch of us went to the zoo the other day,and in other news, I got myself a camphone!!!!!! bin clicking pix left n right, .Just check out the pix
EDIT: All right ... ~*Deepa*~ had a blogger meeting recently, and i felt sorta jealous and felt like writing this one down too! Of course , you know poison, and occasionally frantic...(theyre the pple in the pic!) And two more bloggers from TVM(let them reveal themselves), whom we met during this brief soujourn in college.
Its kinda weird, the life of a blogger... sharing our life with people who are suchj total strangers to us, and often with things we wouldnt normally do in real life.Along the way, We've met a lot of our fellows, and some still remain elusive, some have quit, and some blot like there is no tomorrow...

Why the sudden introspection? will say soon:)

8 Responses to “A Trip to the zoo”

  1. Anonymous anu 

    yuk.!! thats the only part i dont like abt the museum..

  2. Anonymous anu 

    yuk.!! thats the only part i dont like abt the museum..

  3. Anonymous kickassso 

    well, its the only shot with both of em in it :D

  4. Anonymous Rockus 

    Nice! Good clarity...

  5. Anonymous Divya 

    let them reveal themselves!!!! :))



  6. Anonymous niki 

    where is kickie's pic???

  7. Anonymous Deepa 

    hey !

    i had a good time .... btw , Poison .. oh man ! i know him so well !


    waiting for ur introspection

  8. Anonymous D e e p a 

    Hey .. i didnt get any msgs .. what happ ?

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