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Tests :Which computer are you

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Concept Gamer
You scored 215 skilled, 115 artistic, 170 gamer, and 10 conformity!
You know those gaming rigs that get featured in magazines because they were so cool? You build those. You have the skills and the artistic talent to design the most outlandish gaming rigs ever. They not only look cool, but they run cool too. You could probably overclock most of them without any issues.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 78% on skilled
You scored higher than 91% on artistic
You scored higher than 82% on gamer
You scored higher than 0% on conformity
Link: The Which Computer are You Test written by mridlen

3 Responses to “Tests :Which computer are you”

  1. Anonymous >|' ; '| 

    Case Mod Gamer
    You scored 140 skilled, 85 artistic, 95 gamer, and 65 conformity!
    You like to design your own systems. This shows that you are not only a hardcore gamer, but you also like to deck out your case. You aren't overly concerned about your computer's appearance, but beige is not gonna cut it.

  2. Anonymous The Overclocked Fragger 

    Custom Gaming Rig
    You scored 210 skilled, 60 artistic, 195 gamer, and 15 conformity!
    You like to play games, so you built your own computer. You put more of the good stuff inside, maybe modded the case a little. You run Windows, of course! Mac and Linux just don't have the games for you. You probably would run one of the other two if it had a decent selection of games. Bill Gates is simultaneously your hero and your enemy.

  3. Anonymous rajiv 

    1337 Case Mod
    You scored 190 skilled, 80 artistic, 165 gamer, and 25 conformity!

    You got the skills! You built your computer from scratch, and thought long and hard about all the components, balancing them for optimum performance. You didn't spend a fortune on your computer, but you spent what you needed to. You'll probably spend a fair bit of dough to upgrade it in six months, when the lastest video card comes out. You
    play lots of games, but you probably dual boot to Linux. You probably design webpages or program things.

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