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Outstanding student!

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I'm typing this up from a cafe near college!. apparently our lecturer didnt like some people making a hubbub in class. He sent one of them out... he was lecturing on and on about how people should be in class, not be smug about how we have jobs, or that we in the final sem.... I was listening to all this, wondering what i would i have told had i bin in his shoes.... Then a sudden smile escaped my face.He caught it and sent me out....No excuses OUT! ... heck, nothing ... i dint stand to plead my case further. I know I aint guilty.Some poeple are irrational I guess...! Anyway, thats some steam let off! what dou you guys think?

91 Responses to “Outstanding student!”

  1. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    funny fat man...tera number aayega !!!

  2. Blogger Geo 

    uda dhe saale ko

  3. Blogger hope and love 


  4. Anonymous Divya 

    i want someone to kick me out of class........:-((

  5. Blogger duttan 

    i know how it felt.

    this used to happen to me in school.

  6. Blogger Rockus 

    Hmmm Its been a while since I've been kicked out!
    May be a couple of sems...
    Atleast you don't have anything to worry...We have to hide from our Principal and HOD cant even get out of the college.
    A real Labyrinth!

  7. Blogger Geo 

    On second thoughts, go the Bible way and forgive him. Do that turn-the-other-cheek thing, ie, make him kick you out another time... and remember to come out through the door on the opposite side.

  8. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    check the blog of insanity

  9. Blogger Ash 

    u were the victim .....

  10. Blogger silverine 

    Gosh your prof is touchy tsk tsk. Time he took a break....from you :p

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