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Aparanmaar nagarathil

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Finally , now that FMS is over us guys can rest… only problem being that the all important resource , CASH is missing! Coming here was a hoot in itself! The bus journey was fun…now I know why they call em SEMI sleeper’s! we were asleep only half the time, and half awake the rest! And when we got here, got whisked off to this hotel called ajanta. Only problem being we were told that it’d be near kids kemp, and the way we came, no kids kemp in sight! So we got out, walked a bunch and finally saw kids kemp, and realized that we’d gotten to the right place in the first place!!!!!. and the fact that we were walking aroung with our luggage only served to make stuff worse. The hotel is sorta good…It does have its own café! But damn, only 20 odd channels and no international ones

The exam went off without a hitch, and more importantly, we had lots of free time, and went to check out a few malls…and walked a lot… our mistake, we missed a wrong turn somewhere and ended up far, far away from brigade road! Must check that out !

Damn this city is expensive!!!!!! But it does have its merits

16 Responses to “Aparanmaar nagarathil”

  1. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    hav a blast guys!

  2. Blogger Neets 

    welcome to blore my fello mal! hope you have a great stay here. and by the way what exam was that? yeah and theres more to see my dear pal, explore :)

  3. Blogger duttan 

    damn damn.

    if u reading this @ bangalore, please ask for the price of Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard.

    PLZ PLZ.

    Its available in some shop in Brigade Road.

  4. Blogger kickassso 

    sorry man, too late, we left at 4

  5. Blogger duttan 

    welcome back man. how was the ornithology?

  6. Blogger vaibhav 

    No international channel??? How did u survive :p

    Me never been to Bangalore, seems a good place!

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    20 odd channels?? wow! i get only 8 channesls at home. *tear*
    the kids kemp was funny! it seems u had a great trip, kickiee(^o^)/
    pls take a rest!!

  8. Blogger kickassso 

    LOL@ niki... when you have over 20 states, you tend to have a lot of channels Thank GOD for cable! i think i have 86 channels on cable:D

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

    COOL!!! no wonder u got bored with 20 lol
    thanks a lottttt

  10. Blogger hope and love 

    nice post..

  11. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 

    " The exam went off without a hitch " ... which exam ? CAT ??? GRE ????

    I am lost here .... :((

    or was it the uni exams ? But why in BLR ?

    Too many qns ? Well , do answer them :)

  12. Blogger Jithu 

    so wanna settle at bangaloru?

  13. Blogger kickassso 

    @ deepa.. THE FMS delhi MBA exam....

    @ jithu.. dunno... what is our opinion?

    everyone else?

  14. Blogger Binu "the mallu" Ninan 

    dont tell me u went to blore and didnt visit even 1 pub!!!

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