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There’s a story about three men who are sentenced to life imprisonment, and get one last wish. So the jailer asks them what they want.

#1 asks for a library… a fully stocked library is set up and the man locked up

#2 asks for his girlfriend… the poor wench is also locked up with him

#3 asks for a lifetime supply of cigarettes. He is given a HUGE pack with great publicity by RJ Reynolds, and a movie made about it, and he gets a number of endorsement contracts as well.

The point is, theyre all locked up , and much, MUCH later, when their pardon applications fall through, (RED TAPE!), their cells are opened, Lo and behold, the first man has become a bearded scholar.

The second man is none the worse, having several generations of kids(don’t even ask me how!)

But its for the third man that this story was written.When they opened the door,the cigarettes were all intact, and he was looking about himself, and the first thing he asked was , “GOT A LIGHT?”

Sigh!... poor guy…

I’m unfortunately, in the same way now, Having a 256kbps connection with a 325 MB limit the damn thing is there, and I hold four times my earlier speed in my hand, yet cant use it It sucks BIG time, like driving a Ferrari in city traffic..

My whole routine till now was built around downloading, I cant go to sleep now in peace knowing that a torrent isn’t downloading, and cant wake up to see “task finished @ 7Kbps”… I used to simply waste time looking at my d/l speed graph, and feel better when it was in the better half of 7.. which recently hasn’t been much. That’s why I’m switching ISP’s to BSNL. Right now, I’m in sort of a limbo, in a limited Asianet plan, waiting for BSNL….. cant wait to see the sweet graph go upto 32K and stay there all night.

87 Responses to “BOREDBAND RANT”

  1. Blogger >|' ; '| 

    b patient... :)

  2. Blogger hope and love 

    i agree with akkusotto..

  3. Anonymous Fly 

    Dude, in this day and age, 256kbps with a 325mb limit is not like driving a Ferrari through thick traffic, its like having a Maruti Esteem with only a litre of fuel..........

  4. Blogger duttan 

    yeah. i agree with fly.

    Having a Ferrari and 1 litre of petrol in its tank, u can go for around 5 kms before u need more fuel.

  5. Blogger lost optimist..^!^ 

    hehe..i knw exactly wht u mean!!..i went from a 24hr connection to a 400mb..lasted 2 weeks..now at 1500mb for 3 months which i conveniently finish in 2 months:).. funny story btw:)..

  6. Blogger kickassso 

    well compared to the 64 k connection i was on, it seems blindingly fast! but in an absolute sense, i guess fly and duttan are right:)

  7. Blogger kickassso 

    i just came back frm the friendly local office... two more days:|

  8. Blogger Michelle 

    hehehe funny stories :-)

  9. Blogger Jithu 

    :-) liked the way u put it across.. so end of month i guess u end up with the same 325MB remaining in ur a/c, w/o downloading anything doubting that itd be over rt? :-)

    dey merry christmas and happy new year to u and ur family!

  10. Blogger kickassso 

    no way Jithu:((
    already lost 195 mb and counting in four days:(

  11. Blogger kickassso 

    thanx Mί¢ђεĻLē!

  12. Anonymous Anonymous 

    haha~ thanks for the very funny story!!!! i like the second one(^o^;;
    God bless u and ur Ferrari!!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to uuuu..

  13. Blogger vaibhav 

    even i face the same prob. I have a limit of 400MB per month - didn't know that included surfing/echecking email as well. And the bill comes to ... 11,000 frigging bucks!!!

    I'm switiching to the night plan where they have unlimited downloads during 12 midnite to 8 am. Torrent land, here i come again!!!!

  14. Blogger kickassso 

    WOW! 11K! OUCH!

    but i think its 2am to 8 am, not 12, and there is some fine print along with it... check that ... else you might get one more bill, which MIGHT be fatal :P

  15. Blogger hary 

    ur own story ?? he he

  16. Blogger kickassso 

    nahh...... old joke!

  17. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 

    yeow !!! that story was damn irritating ...

    but the guy is stupid ? didnt he know that strinking the cig w/ the wall could perhaps cause a fire ?

    But , what do i know ????

  18. Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ 

    i love cartoons .. just watched disney's tarzan on DD1 on saturday :)

  19. Blogger kickassso 

    didnt he know that strinking the cig w/ the wall could perhaps cause a fire ?
    i didnt know that:-?

  20. Blogger Curious 

    BSNL sounds like another Etisalat ( that's our local telcomm provider!)

    Cute Funny story!

    & Season's greeting :D

  21. Blogger kickassso 

    welcome to my blog curious... yeah sort of..bsnl is..

  22. Blogger Geo 

    That cigarette story was interesting…. :_)

    Ur cribbing made me remember my friend sending a 4Kbps graph screen shot long back. We all knew his regular xfer rate was 4 kbps :_)

  23. Anonymous Gemini Girl 

    :)) here im to give u a 23rd kick :D cool.. ferrari in city traffic

  24. Blogger Aravind.V 

    Dude even if its city traffic I would love to drive it. :D

  25. Blogger ?bLeAk?!! 

    Maybe he should have stuck to booze.

    Anyway i would love to have that litre of petrol in my 180 tank.. :P i kin get anywhere between 25- 65 kms with that..

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