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SCT? or not to be?

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Now that My stint as SCT is over,and Infy is taking over, I'm passing over my mantle of college student to my sister. May she carry the torch with the same pride that i did!
Now for the business at hand. Several of her batch have been asking me whether EC@SCT is good enough...If I had a chance to have my college life any other way, I would still have chosen then...I had a choice then , and i still have one now, But SCT stays , as the college of my choice.
But will i choose anyone else to have the same fate?It depends. It depends on the type of student you are now. it depends on the type of student you wanna be .
If you wanna be a student, want to spend your life as you spent in school,you're welcome to join any of the multitude of schools of engineering with AC classrooms, Uniforms , and the like. Of course , having been in school for a whole two extra years doesn't help make that choice. Among us there are those who had the privilege of enjoying Pre Degree college(not me though, I had my 12th in Sarvodaya).But they helped define the college experience , which wont be there anymore. Even our teachers tell us that the junior batches are more manageable cos they're basically school students, not college students. Guess thats a lost cause there. But still, SCT and CET and a few other colleges hold the fort of students freedom. If you want college to be a part of that transformation to an adult, to enjoy and suffer all the good and bad things the world has to offer,choose SCT. Sure , we have shortcomings. Our faculty may not be the best there is , but there sure are some really good teachers in there. But no different from, say CET.
The real difference is that in the personality you're developing.If getting an MBA , or good people skills are what matters to you, dealing with tough situations that help bring out the best in you,and making you ready for whats out there in the real world, then SCT is the college for you.Sure there are rumours that SCT is the only college that figures in the top 5 criminal colleges in the list made by the TVM police,that there are parties in existense despite the fact theyre not required, or that we have as many (or more strikes) that CET or SCT.It is one helluva trip.but one that was worth it.The internal marking is quite strict, you wont get 45-50 most probably for internals!If youre one of those types(who i personally despise) who feel placements are all that matters, SCT should figure high on your list.if you can talk coherently in english(no, not ingleesh) and have no problems getting aong with most people , and manage a good percentage, You'll prolly be hired.We've had a pretty good record this year, and in fact , most companies relaxed academic criterion for us because gettimg marks is pretty tough when youre in SCT.Our college is like a small scale banana republic, where you enjoy a LOT of freedom..When to show up in class, when to cut it, when to call a strike, stuff which you most probably wont find in any of those "schools" of engineering.A mini democracy of sorts, shall we say?In the end, it all is your choice.batches vary....the batch you get into could be the best or the worst...I'm glad I ended up among the better ones, and found a lot of good friends.Your future depends on the choices you make.Choose to take a path of academic growth, or personal growth.Its in your hands...

12 Responses to “SCT? or not to be?”

  1. Anonymous The Overclocked Fragger 

    I totally support my college when it comes to freedom. Coming here allowed me to do a lot of stuff. I had to face a lot of high stress situations. I managed to tackle them and was successful.

    Like I said before in Akshay's blog.

    After a person grows up in heat of hell, sunshine will be like a massage.

    SCT is hell. Long live SCT!

  2. Anonymous Anonymouse 

    Dude dont forget about the chori faculty

  3. Anonymous Kickassso 

    akshay wrote about this too... I forgot about it:D


  4. Anonymous aravind 

    Banana republic eh? hmm.. Gotta agree with you on one thing come to think of it.. as far as I am concerned this is the only college with right blend in KU. Ofcourse KU Sucks thats an aside :D.

  5. Anonymous Your Staff Adviser 

    Who is This Anonymouse?

  6. Anonymous >|' ; '| 

    well :D
    cet is similar in many aspects, except the sessionals which are way down :-<
    i dont knw if sct is hell....
    but, inspite of all the infinite nuances and irritants that cet has, it still figures as heaven to me. bottomline is, u get a huge slice of experiences in 4 years of B tech, be it in any college or 'school'. i hope that ur sis will join an institution which she will find to her liking.

  7. Anonymous Divya 

    I will not say I love my college. But I loved my four years there.
    And its tat wat it comes down to...You and the People you find.....no matter which college or 'school'.[I know people who love their 'school's'....n no mine isnt a school! :P]
    I dont regret for a second that my sister is in the same college....she will have fun! even there!!
    Anyways all the best to ur sis with whichever college n course she chooses......:)


  8. Anonymous Shrutz 

    CETian here ;)
    I echo the overclocked fragger. Just substitute CET for SCT
    Be in the ECE dept and be a girl. 380/400 in sessionals is commonplace

  9. Anonymous vaibhav 

    Welcome back dude!

  10. Anonymous niki yokota 

    awww~ your sister will miss uuuu!!
    why dont u enter same classes with her..(^o^)/
    i mean start the college life again. hehe..

  11. Anonymous Rockus 

    I guess everybody feels something about their college...good or bad...
    Another echo for OF...sub SCT for MCET...CET with an extra M...sub it with watever u want ;-)

  12. Anonymous Shyam 

    nice to c u blogging again. The wonderful thing is that it NOT-TECHNICAL :D

    I did my +2 @ Model School. So I have been thru some sort of a hell. But SCT teaches you the highs and lows of life. Another important thing about SCT in my year was that we had students of all capabilities. There were those bujis and there were those avg guys and then there were those who came to college just to meet frnds.

    Abt the political thing, I dont think that SCT deserves to be in the list of criminal colleges. Its just exaggerated.

    I didnt have an option but to join SCT. But, I truly enjoyed the experience of being there. Perhaps the best thing at SCT is the mixed batches in S1s2 with students of all branches studying in the same class.

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