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As The end draws near

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First on the list was the ITC exam...the first of several back papers I'd accumulated....I really wasnt motivated to study it... i knew some of it , and really expect a revaluation to save my skin-not that it would...its more random, It would make the parameters for randomness in ITC seem like nothing!but then again, KU is worth a rant all to itself, which shall be published when I'm free of its clutches! The second Exam was CS, which i got undersessionals , and re-heh-heally bad marks due to a tiff between me and the teacher concerned.Seriously,there should be some form of accountablity..Never mind

This post isnt about any of that , neither is it about the last one, the one which i have been writing for Eons , the one about which I'm eminently scared.Another battle,another day!What this post IS is about the course VIVA which happened in between!Now this is one occcasion all the resident bookworms fear , for it has been said that all but bookish things be on the menu, and that , they certainly cant digest! And me , study?and that too for a viva, when i have a back paper before and after the viva?
NOT! Slept all the previous day, then studied for the following days exam at the viva while people were opening books they'd never seen in their entire lives!

The actual viva went off without a hitch! Frantic was first up... he handled it quite well, and came out quite happy..Then others started getting off topic questions, and by the time my time was up, i was literally jumping up and down with anxiety!Either way, my time came , and i got in

where are you from?

Oh, ok
tell me about your main project!

Sir it was basically a development of our mini... after we developed the mini, we felt we could do it a bit further...3~30 cm range , dimensions 25x25 cm.. 3d user interface,bunch of rangers, for virtual reality, ease of use , simplicity, reliablity, blah..............

ok, ok good . Tell me about your mini then!

Sir a simpler version of the one i told you about, 10~80 cm range, one dimension,series of detectors simple , easy to use , flexible , addable as OEM, future of the interface ...more blah...

hmmm , your seminar, what was it about?

Sir digital audio systems sir..

Okay, tell me about noise reduction

OH?(feeling in my element ) 2 ways , equalization, companding , dolby a , b, c ,hx pro, magnetization+ tape transer magnetization curve,b in audio tapes, 120uS eq in tapes ,DBX , dynamic noise redn,compression, AGC, transmit, recieve, inverse characteristic, better noise performance

hmm... how about dolby, digital theatre systems ...DTS right?

Yes sir , in addition there is SDDS (sony) and THX(lucsfilm)
All of em are multi channel sound formats , typically 5.1.. lossy compression codecs, use redundancy in multi channel sound, dts-1.5mbps ,DD 448 kbps , dts on cd , dd on film only sync pulses for dts films..

what are the sampling rates in studios

44.1Khz, or usually oversampled, now dvd's take 48 or 96 or even 192... depends . Old story about how 44.1 was chosen becos VHS tapes were used and sony wanted some 74 minute orchestra to fit ..

hmm... digital radio?

hm... Digital broadcasting in AM band , low bitrates, SBR , better frequency range, am not used a lot(floundered a bit here , thankfully, he asked me about )

Software radio?

Well, normal radios-> baseband tuners , IF tuners , am demodulators, FM demodulators, diff circuitry, hardware , need to switch, costs , bulk etc

s/w radios -> RF-> DSP doing RF work, to give baseband signal, one rx can recieve entire band independent of modulation technique, ex my tv tuner can get TV and FM cos its the same freq band , diff modulation techniques , same hardware, only change of s/w ...

um... thats about enough...you may go now .. ask the next student to wait for a few minutes...(phew!)

me + the other guys went on a scavenger hunt for a bunch of signatures, (no dues certificate:- to prove that i dont owe anything to SCT...I do actually, but Shhh!)

we were so busted after that, we went to the nearest shop, and drank it dry...(seriously... there wasnt nething else left there to drink) we drank to the college , to our exams , to drinking competitions(which i usally lose ), heck... we drank a whole lot (of cola btw, for those who were wondering )... finally after settling the three digit bill(its just a bakery people !), we carried each other out ...I for one was all bloated and burping :D!

When I came back, a whole mob was waiting...IDIOT ... you PWNED him... now he's taking it out on everyone else... fat lot of good you did us!!!!!
We beat a hasty retreat soon!

The day after , i had an exam, which was ok, and more importantly, mock interviews..NO, i wasnt attending them,I for one was pulling the shots !! The juniors who i talkd to seem quite all right,We can already plan to drop the work we're gonna be given soon onto them when THEY come after one year !Here's to the next generation of intrepid SCT'ians !

8 Responses to “As The end draws near”

  1. Anonymous niki yokota 

    me first!!! ^^

  2. Anonymous Nesmel Hussain 

    It was wonderful....lets wait for your marks

  3. Anonymous D e e p a 

    haaa haaaa

    btw , u know what ? i am working on all that u just talked abt


  4. Anonymous D e e p a 

    what did u wanna ask me ?

  5. Anonymous kickassso 

    well, I talked about a lot of stuff here ... which part are you working in?
    S/w radio or surround systems or other stuff?

  6. Anonymous niki yokota 

    cool lol
    where is ur photoblog??
    thank u thank uuuuu!!!!

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

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