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Going it alone

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This is the first time I'm going out to supervise a New PC assembly/Install.So far , It had been biosbhai who did the supervision while i just watched.Now the time has come to take over the reins, for the master is no longer present.This PC is not without his influence though.Its proccy/mobo is his choice, not to mention a few other details.but still his spirit, and not to mention his phone number is there with me to guide me through the process!.
AMD 64 3500+
Corsair 1GB RAM
DVD Writer
MS comfort mouse optical 3000
Viewsonic 17 inch flat CRT (a la mine )

and now the piece de reistance
an Altec Lansing MX 5021!!!!!!!!!

I hope this turns out to be yet another kickasss PC!

11 Responses to “Going it alone”

  1. Anonymous BiosBhai 

    Piece of cake ;)

    Find time I will for this in the midst of training :)

  2. Anonymous niki yokoya 

    welcome back kickie-chan!! ^^
    this post is not understandable for non-tech.
    so i wud juz say WOOOOW! COOOOL!!

  3. Anonymous Keshi 

    Good luck mate! bet it'll be a kickass PC ;-)


  4. Anonymous Jithu 

    hmmm... :-)

  5. Anonymous Hiren 

    Best of luck. I would not attempt a thing like this.

  6. Anonymous anu 

    wow..!! am impressed..!

  7. Anonymous Rockus 

    How much dude???

  8. Anonymous niki yokota 

    hi i saw that pic of 4 years old.
    chooo very chweeet!!
    thank u soooo much (^o^)/
    hope u can restart blogging!!

  9. Anonymous Anonymous 

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