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1. Most desired celebrity

A Media Center PC with a huge Flat monitor... GAWD I wish I had one of those :(

What is that you say? katrina kaif? well, um :D!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Want to do this some day
Own a '59 Caddy... Its not just Old music that I love.. I've been in love with this car since the 8th standard !

3. Want to visit this place

I got this pic from This photo blog.. check out the dude's other pics

This is the Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus:Dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this church is noted for its gothic architecture and stained glass panels which depict the entire life of Jesus Christ.

I went there once during a trip we organized , and still havent forgotten the place. Pondicherry was heavenly, A slice of authentic europe in our own country.I dont have a lot of ambitions , to rise too far or to travel too wide.Its the whats nearest to me that i really like :)

4. Random Favorite

A talented songwriter, Gibson was nicknamed "the sad poet" because he frequently wrote songs that told of loneliness and lost love. He wrote and sang "I Can't Stop Loving You", a song that would be recorded by more than 700 artists
He and producer Chet Atkins decided to abandon the traditional steel guitar and fiddle and use a new sound featuring only guitars, a piano, a drummer, upright bass, and background singers. It became one of the first examples of what would be called the Nashville Sound

5. I was tagged by Geo.
Comment:Post the picture of the place where you were tagged, and if you picked up the tag yourself then the picture of the place you picked it from. Click on the image to see the enlarged view.
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19 Responses to “Further more Tags”

  1. Anonymous Keshi 

    and where is the tag? :)


  2. Anonymous Keshi 

    duhhh now I see it :):) Beautiful girl in the first pic! And lovely church. I love churches.


  3. Anonymous The Fragger 

    Hardware Sexual! :P

  4. Anonymous kickassso 

    @keshi..... Haha! :P

  5. Anonymous niki chan 

    wats this????
    >I dont have a lot of ambitions , to rise too far or to travel too wide

    looks like u dont want to come to japan. *sob sob*
    Katrina is tooo beautifuul!!! grrrr

  6. Anonymous Rockus 

    Gonna do this!

  7. Anonymous Divya 

    nice tag!!
    did d one u tagged me with!! :D

  8. Anonymous Guru Panguji 

    Btw, Katrina Kaif *droooolllllll* And dude, HDTV + console games is the way to go. Except you can't play Crysis!! :-D!! But, hey the other games look awesome on an HDTV!! Got a live demo *drool* by a hot chick!!

  9. Anonymous Keshi 

    heyyy mate u leave some very funny comments in my blog..lol! tnxxx for the smiles :):)


  10. Anonymous mathew 

    Katrina looks awesome man!!

  11. Anonymous Hiren 

    Nice photographs.Good presentation.

  12. Anonymous silverine 

    LOL you got me there with the Katrina Kaif photo :)

    The '59 caddy...*UGH* *UGH* *UGH* Looks like Jayans bell bottoms!!!

    Pondicherry is a place I am ging to in the near future, will def check out the Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus.

    Talking of Jayan, do chk out savekerala blog for a hilarious audio file :))

  13. Anonymous Keshi 

    maybe it's time for a grand new post Kickasso? :)


  14. Anonymous Phoenix Rises 

    The Eglise De Sacre Coeur De Jesus is in Pondicherry?? I just went there about 2 months back but did not see it!
    I just love visitng churches. There is something so romantic about them!

  15. Anonymous Phoenix Rises 

    I think Katrina Kaif looks way too delicate!

  16. Anonymous divya 

    come here everyday n c this tag!
    made me do it too!!

  17. Anonymous Divya 

    Everyday I come here n c this!!
    so finally did it!

  18. Anonymous Keshi 

    update plz :)


  19. Anonymous kickassso 

    i will i will... honest! just running after some paperwork!

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